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Exciting News for Plumbing Professionals!

New at l'Horizon! 🌟

We're delighted to announce that a major innovation is in the pipeline! Dedicated exclusively to plumbers, our new web platform is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to showcase your services, share your achievements or make it easier to book appointments online, we've thought of everything.



Why is this site for you? 🛠️


Every element of our site has been designed with plumbing professionals in mind.


A simple, fluid interface so you can concentrate on what's important: your business.


Showcase your skills, collect your customers' opinions and start a conversation with ease.

Stay tuned! This innovation will soon be available to take your business to the next level. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unrivalled web experience, specially tailored for pipe masters.

Deadline : 2nd quarter 2024


Innovative Comfort : A New Era for Heating Engineers!

Warmth and freshness on the horizon! 🌡️❄️

We're delighted to reveal an innovation that's particularly suited to heating and air conditioning specialists: our brand new web platform! Entirely designed with your unique needs in mind, it gives you the perfect tools to showcase your services and achievements, and to simplify the management of your customer appointments.


Why is this site the ideal tool for you? 🌬️🔥


Each function has been designed with heating and air conditioning professionals in mind.


Fluid, intuitive navigation, so you can showcase your expertise without hassle.


Showcase your expertise, gather feedback from your customers and create a strong bond with your audience.

Don't miss this opportunity! Very soon, discover this platform that will take your business to new heights. Get ready to embrace a bespoke digital experience, specially designed for thermal comfort professionals.

Deadline 3rd quarter 2024



Electrify Your Professional Presence!

Shining a light on the future! 💡⚡

A revolution is underway for all electricians! We're proud to present our brand-new web platform, specifically designed for tradespeople with expertise in home electrification. Every detail of this platform has been designed to offer you the best possible functionality, so that you can showcase your services and achievements and optimise your customer relations.


Why is this site your best ally? 🛠️💡

Tailored to you

Each function has been designed with the specific needs of electricians in mind.

Clarity and efficiency

Intuitive navigation to highlight your expertise without wasting time.


Share your expertise, gather testimonials and build lasting relationships with your customers.

The future looks electrifying! This new feature will be available soon and promises to brighten up your business. Get ready for a tailor-made digital experience, dedicated to the true masters of residential electricity.

Deadline 3rd quarter 2024


Artisanat Digital : Masonry & Screed in the spotlight!

Solidity and Precision: The Foundation of a Digital Future! 🧱🔨

Dear bricklayers and screed layers, the digital world is finally opening up to you with a web platform specially designed for your trades! Whether you specialise in load-bearing walls, demolition, stonework or anhydrite and liquid screeds, this tool has been designed with you in mind.


What does this platform bring to your business? 🏗️

Expertise in sight

Every aspect of masonry and screed work is represented, highlighting your expertise.

Targeted functions

Whether you're a bricklayer or a builder, find the right tools for your specific needs.

Increased visibility

Attract new customers, showcase your achievements and gather testimonials.

Bricks and mortar meet the digital world! Don't miss this opportunity to expand your customer base and show the world the talents of traditional craftsmanship fused with modernity. Coming soon, this platform will become the essential tool for all building professionals in search of digital excellence.

Deadline : 2nd quarter 2024


The Digital Platform for Roofing Professionals!

A Digital Roof for Roof Experts! 🏠🔨

Carpenters, roofers, experts in roofing and rendering, digital technology is finally giving you a platform to match your expertise. Every corner of the roof, every rafter, every tile has its place in our digital space.

Why is this platform the right tool for you? 🛠️


Whether it's carpentry, façade restoration, roof renovation or waterproofing, every area is covered.


Showcase your skills, from loft insulation to Velux window installation.

A New Look

Showcase your finest achievements in interior and exterior painting and attract new projects.

Carpentry and roofing have always formed the backbone of any building. Today, we're proud to offer them a digital space worthy of the name. Get ready to embark on a digital adventure designed to enhance, connect and amplify the world of roofing. Coming soon online!

Deadline : 2nd quarter 2024


Digital Canvas: For Painters & Upholsterers!

The Colours of Digital: A Masterpiece in the Making! 🖌️🎨

Painters and upholsterers, artisans of colour and texture, it's high time the digital world reflected the brilliance and finesse of your craft. Whether you're looking for interior or exterior painting work, or to dress up a space with magnificent tapestries, we've created a platform specially designed for you.


The advantages of our platform 🎨


Showcase your creations, from the bright colours of paint to the most delicate designs of tapestry.


Showcase your unique skills and know-how in a space that understands and appreciates the importance of interior design.


Connect with potential customers and other craftspeople to exchange ideas, techniques and trends.

Painting and tapestry are not just trades, but arts, forms of expression that transform and embellish every space. Our platform strives to reflect this passion, art and expertise. Join us and let the digital world light up with the colours and textures you bring. Coming soon!

Deadline 3rd quarter 2024


Nature & Numérique, Le Havre Digital des Paysagistes!

From Nature to the Digital World: A Landscape in Full Evolution! 🌳🌷

Landscapers, gardeners, landscaping experts, the digital world is opening up to you with a space dedicated to the beauty and diversity of your creations. Every plant, every pathway, every detail has been designed to reflect the refinement and precision of your art.


Highlights of our Platform  🌼


Showcase your projects, from lush gardens to sleek, modern terraces.


Showcase your unique expertise, whether in creating parks, maintaining green spaces or designing outdoor spaces.


Talk to other professionals, share your tips and discover the latest trends in landscaping.

Landscaping is not just a profession, it's a passion, an art that transforms every space into a jewel box of nature. We've designed our platform to faithfully reflect this passion, this commitment to natural beauty. Get ready to make your mark on the digital world. Coming soon online!

Deadline 3rd quarter 2024

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