Cookies Treatment


Our page is also one of the millions of websites that use cookies to analyse the browsing you do as a user.

This whole roll of cookies is a legal issue that from Europe forces us to put those who have a website and collect user information.

The information we stay is related to the way we navigate. Habits and interests you have, time you spend on the page, places where you have clicked, how many pages you have seen in each session… Data and numbers that sound pretty poor alone, but are the ones that help us to see if we are doing well or not our work in the Web. The objective? Improve and grow.

A cookie is a small file that is stored in YOUR BROWSER but never on your computer.

ACEB Difúsion Donostia uses different types of cookies:

Own cookies (cookies session)

It helps us to keep spam at bay, and ensure that there are no bad robots leaving comments on our website.

Third-party cookies

Those of Google Analytics, which are the ones that give us plenty of information about what happens on our website 24/7.

Social network cookies

They are those that use Twitter, Facebook and others Social Networks to analyze when you share or like.


Analysis Cookies (Hotjar: Third Party Cookies)

Heat map to analyse user behaviour on the different pages of the web. Hotjar cookies collect standard registration information and data on visitor habits anonymously. They are used in the measurement of the activity of the platform and for the elaboration of user navigation profiles in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of user usage data.

You can read more info about Hotjar cookies here :


All cookies can be deleted whenever you want. How? It will depend on your browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer, Opera … but it is really easy to find on your browser settings. Google will help you to do it, if need.

Portability Law

The right to portability will allow you to request a copy in a structured, commonly used format and mechanical reading of your personal data.


In the treatment of your personal information we apply appropriate security measures according to the type of data and the advances of the technique, our physical and legal means.

Our goal is to prevent unauthorized third-party access, theft, loss or disclosure of your information. However, the Internet is not a completely secure environment, so even if we apply all possible security measures, the risk of impact on information will never disappear completely.

For this cause, we ask that if you detect any incident or have indications that your information may be at risk, contact us then, we can investigate the fact and offer solutions.


The Company may in the future modify this Privacy Policy. In case of modification, in addition to publishing the updated version, we will inform you about this modification with a window on the web. You should read these modifications before continuing to use the web.


Those interested may file claims related to data protection before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. You can access to detailed informations about this control body and manage your claim at: